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Naseema Alli
100% Raw Batana Oil

This oil is great for hair growth, and I have seen the results in up to 2 weeks! My hair feels so much thinker and smoother. I 100% recommend this oil if you are dealing with hair loss, it also leaves your hair looking very healthy and shiny. This oil isn't only great for your hair, it has also worked wonders on my hyperpigmentation on my face, it has gotten rid of my dark marks in a matter of weeks.

LaToya Cooper
that good good raw batana oil !

loveee this product, it looks just exactly like the pictures and melts perfectly when i rub it in my hands. makes my skin feels so soft and smooth! i don’t think it has a crazy strong scent, it kind of just smells like burnt maple syrup lol but once you put it in your hair or on your skin you don’t really smell it. very excited to see the results i get from using it in my hair and will definitely be giving an update!

New to batana oil !!

Been looking everywhere for a canadian supplier selling 100% raw batana oil natural product. Works wonders apparently for hair loss and skin and i need it desperately for my hairline. Too soon to conclude if it works or not. Will keep you posted.
Product arrived intact and fast. Ordered on march 28th, arrived april 2nd (so about 5days, not too bad) and i'm from Quebec. Thanks Alkaline inner healing!
Can't wait to see the results of this golden find.

N.b: i've heard that this product supposedly smells like coffee, but to me it does not compare to that. Yes it does have a funny roasted smell. But to be honest, to all my latino peeps out there, they will understand, this smells like burnt tortilla for some reason lol
It's the closest thing i can compare it to.
The color has nothing to do with a green paste like other sellers offer. It's rather orangy-brownish color and melts away when rubbed between fingers.

Amazing for hair and skin

Replaced this with my daily lotion and I haven’t looked back, it cleared my skin and strengthened my hair in just a couple months big thanks to Alkaline Inner Healing for being so responsive with my questions

A game changer for your hair and skin

This Raw Batana Oil directly sourced from Honduras has been a game changer for my hair and overall skincare routine. Applying Raw Batana Oil to my hair daily has significantly reduced hair loss and promoted thicker, healthier strands. What sets this oil apart is its multipurpose use – not only does it work wonders for my hair, but it also serves as a nourishing elixir for my body and face. Not to forget, the healing properties of the oil have brought a natural radiance to my skin. A holistic and effective choice for those seeking both hair and skincare solutions within the Alkaline lifestyle.

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